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 EoT guide, this is very important

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PostSubject: EoT guide, this is very important   Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:45 am

So for those you play Magic still i am posting my Knowledge of EoT and EoC raids. For those who dont know EoC stand for Emblem of Conquest and EoT stand for Emblem of Triumph. With these emblems you can buy a veriety of gear from Tiers to Arena gear. EoC are mainly used to buy T8 and the max item lvl they go to per item is 226. EoT are brand new and are used to buy T9 and their starting item lvl is 232, yea huge difference.
As you know you have to start somewhere, this is where this comes in
The only problem is that you can now only do 1 EoC quest a day, before you could do all of them, and those who don't know a quest rewards you 2 EoCs. Pretty much everything is the same i guess, I havnt really done these lately besides HoS. In HoS, theres a new bug that allows like 50 lvl 80 elite mobs to spawn under the boss's feet. I will have to get to you on that.

Now welcoming the brand new EoT farms!!!!!
There are only 2 but hey still awesome! One of the things you will notice is that in both you stay in one are, like you dont need to run about to get to different bosss cus the bosss come to you!!!

So the first one is Violet Hold aka VH and the second one is Trial of the Champion aka ToC 5 man
Another thing you will notice is that the bosss are random in a way, you will understand as you go on
Be reminded that the + symbolizes the quest reward

Violet Hold aka VH 3 EoCs + 2 EoTs
This one is easy as long as your tank is paying attetion and isnt retarded. Its also a bit tricky in some ways cus you can actually lose this raid, like if the mobs break the door you lose

What happens is as soon as you walk in you will see that monsters are coming from blue portals and being killed by guards, these should be ignored by pretty much every class besides DK and Warrior, reason being they are a great way to build up Runic power or Rage.
How to start this raid you need to talk to the dude on the right hand side that you see when you enter. He will say shit, all present mobs die and you will see random purple death blast thing.
After like 7 seconds a blue portal will open up, out will come either a Portal Keeper, Portal Guardian or a Dragon Squad. ALWAYS KILL THE KEEPERS, GUARDIANS AND COMMANDER GUYS. If you kill them the portal will close and there will be no more mobs or the mobs will die quicker.


Whats interesting is that the bosses are at random(except for the last one), meaning you never know which of the 6 bosses you will be fighting. (You will fight 2 of these 6 and then the Dragon Lady who is last boss)

1. Moragg- Flying eyeball mushrooms squid, this guy is easy tank and spank, just watch out for this laser attacks.

2. Lavathor or something- A big ass fire dog. Tactic, turn away from raid cus he breaths fire. fire bad

3. Water guy- This guy is bugged kinda, basically he has these shields up that protect him from attacks, when those shields deplete he explodes throwing everyone back, then a bunch of mini water elementals will come to rebuilt him, kill those little pricks, some time later after he explodes he will stay like that. then easy kill

4. Pimping Void walker- This dude is easy just watch out for some of his attacks, they will hurt healers.

5. Bird guy and pals- This will be a boss plus 2 mobs, kill mobs first then him, easy

6. Mana wizard guy- he is hard cus of his stupid magic blasts that can seriously fuck you over if you dont watch out! Kill him quick

The last boss is I guess the hardest, all you need to do is turn her away from group and keep the aggro on cus she has some weird Force Pull move that switches her aggro to someone else

You will get 3 EoCs from the normal bosses and then +2 EoTs from the quest you hand in ( Demise of Cygnia or something)

Trial of the Champion aka ToC 5 man 0-1 EoC (not sure) 2-3 EoTs the rest are Champion seals
This one is the same in some ways, again it only one room but you don’t need to run a whole bunch.
So the first boss(es) are the faction heros, all it is, is 3 mini bosses, which are usually Warrior mage and Hunter, sometimes Pally and some other 2. Easy, kill warrior hunter and then mage
Second ``wave`` is a group of 9 mobs which you fight 3 at a time, or should, in those groups of 3 there are priests, kill them first, then the other 2 guys, repeat process.
Then you go onto fight the boss, in normal is some Pally guy, interrupt his heal spells and you good, in heroic its a chick. The girl is tricky cus she also hase healing spells, but the real problem starts when you get to to like 20% health. She will summon a ``Memory`` of a boss from a different instance. I`v only faced off against memory of Archimond and Ignis. You need to watch out here cus im not entirely sure what they can do. What i do know is that they have AoE attacks so healers be alert.
Finally the last boss comes along, The black Knight. He is easy until last stage. So blah blah you you attack and finally kill him, but wait he then strips and becomes bone. You gave to kill him again and woo! But guess what, he then comes back as a spirit! This is where it get intense! He will call like 15 mobs to come and help him, the only problems here is that with enough they can kill the healer or dps so the tank has to be weary! After you kill the mobs just kill him again and tada! You get your quest item and Eo(C or T)
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EoT guide, this is very important
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